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Scram GPS

Scram GPS

Unparalleled combination of location accuracy, strap design, battery life, and software.

SCRAM GPS® is a one-piece GPS tracking bracelet that combines superior location accuracy with industry-leading battery life, tamper detection, and case management/tracking software.


  • SCRAM GPS analytics
  • Mobile app
  • On-demand Pursuit Mode automatically provides GPS points every 15 seconds to aid in client apprehension
  • Customizable alert notices
  • Track and communicate with participants 24/7
  • Reliable GPS and A-GPS location technology
  • 30-second, tool-free installation
  • 3G cellular network
  • Slim one-piece design and breakaway charger
  • Secondary location tracking via cell tower triangulation and location-based services (LBS)
  • Shock resistant and waterproof
  • RF base station
  • On-board zone storage